Cat Doors

Cat Door.

It is not all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to being a pet parent. While your life becomes much more colorful as soon as a pet enters, there also comes a horde of responsibilities. Taking care of your pet especially a cat is a tricky task but it can be managed flawlessly if you have the right kind of tools and equipment with you. Cats are sneaky and they like to have their fun as and when required, and being able to function independently is a part of that fun.

Cat doors are one of these tools that help your feline to cross the threshold of the doors of your house without you having to assist them every time. It not only makes the cats feel comfortable about moving around the house but also relieves the feeling of confinement to a huge extent. This means that the flight risk for cats, which is relatively high, lowers down significantly as they can come and go as they please. So, if you want your cat to be able to move around the house without assistance, cat doors are the way to do that.

Just like every other accessory for your fluffy feline, cat doors also come in various styles, designs, and functions. Every type has its advantages and proves to be extremely fruitful depending on what kind of usage you have in mind. Let’s find out more about the different types of kitty doors available to make your cat’s life smooth sailing.

Cat Doors for Windows

Doors for windows may sound a bit off but they are one of the most versatile forms of cat doors for your feline. Cat doors for windows can be installed in the windows by creating an opening in the glass. Doors for windows are compatible with both sliding windows that slide up and down or sideways as well as the ones that open like doors but sliding windows are ideally suited for these doors. The adjustment rates and angles are better for sash windows which means that you will have plenty of options to choose from and install.

  • Flexible Flap Doors: As evident by the name, flap doors have either a rigid or a flexible flap which is generally joined at the top with the rest of the three sides free for the cats to enter as per their will. The flexibility of the flaps is accompanied by a long-lasting durable material that ensures the cats are not able to tear apart or scratch the flap. These doors are ideally installed on indoor screens and do not need a lot of customizations.
  • Rigid Flap Cat Doors: While the function and installation of the rigid flap doors are the same as the flexible ones, the material has quite a lot of difference. The rigidness of these flaps makes them ideal to be used for doors that lead out of the house and not just indoor screens.
Doors for Small Cat.

Doors for Wall

These doors are thicker than the cat doors available for windows and doors. Walls are framed according to the size of the door and then the door is simply fitted inside. The cat doors for walls are best suited for you to choose if you have felines that are either full-grown or are in process of growing but you are sure about the expected size that they will reach. Most variants come with panels, mounts, and framing kits according to the style that you opt for.

Wall doors for the cat also come with a double flap option which means better temperature control for your home and reduced electricity bills. The double flap options are also a good choice you want to invest in something extra secure and safer for your cat as there are many cat doors for walls that come with a tunnel system that makes it safer for your pet to go through the door. You can check out our top recommendations to find a suitable cat door that finely fits the walls of your home.

Electronic Doors for Your Cat

A flawless solution to avoid having strays enter the house, an electronic door allows your pet complete freedom of movement while keeping your house safe from any unwanted animals. All electronic doors essentially mean that only the selected animals are allowed to enter through them which means that your pet will carry the key with itself. The differentiation between electronic doors can be done based on the types of keys that they open with.

  • Microchip Compatible Electronic Doors: Think of microchip as a personal identification number for your pet which is unique in its existence. This means that only pets with microchips containing the number recognized by the door can enter through it. Microchips can be implanted by vets in a matter of seconds and are considered to be one of the highest measures to ensure the safety of your pet. The best part here is that most pet doors compatible with a microchip ID key are not very large which renders them useless for huge pets like large dogs. Since cats are mostly fur and fluff and can easily pass through significantly smaller places, they make perfect for this type of cat door.
  • Magnetic Key Electronic Doors: These keys are also installed in the collar of your cat. The door simply senses the magnetic field created by the key and unlocks as your cat comes closer to pass through. But these doors may also respond to other pets’ collars with magnetic keys since there are no unique identification methods that magnets use.
  • Ultra-Sonic Key Electronic Doors: These collar keys emit a high-frequency sound that signals the door to open. The sound produced to control the mechanism of these doors is much higher than the frequency that animals can hear so it will not affect your little kitty. Owners can set the radius for the sound manually so that the door opens only when the pet is at the set distance. This type of door is also a good choice when it comes to the selective entrance for pets.
Cat Doors for Windows.

Automatic Doors

Much like electronic doors, automatic doors also need a constant power source to function like batteries or a DC supply. The automatic doors can be controlled by the same collar style keys as the electronic doors but they are also compatible to be controlled via your phones. Most variations also contain timer functions that can be used to customize the closing and opening of the door as you see fit. Automatic doors are also a great option when you are looking for a sturdy, safe, and technologically advanced option. If you need a hand in finding the right electronic or automatic door for your kitty then you check out our top picks.

Sliding Glass Cat Doors

Eliminating the need for making any permanent adjustments or changes to your sliding French doors or the windows, the sliding glass cat doors or panel flap doors come with a separate whole unit of thin glass or fiber panel that can be fitted right beside the window or door panel that you have. These panels can either be painted as required or can be bought in the required shade. There are generally two options for the owners to go with. One can either choose a glass or fiber panel that fits ideally into the frame that you have available in your home or you can choose to go with a separate panel with a frame and add it beside your French sliding doors. Both of these options are pretty common and serve the purpose ideally.

Doors for Large Cat

Made for larger felines, these doors allow a much larger space for your pet to pass through with ease. Large cat doors are often large enough to let small to medium-sized dogs through. Large cat doors are generally available as manually operated flap doors for windows and doors or dual-flap doors that are installed in walls. It is hard to come by large smart cat doors or large electronic cat doors.

Doors for Small Cat

There is a huge variety available when it comes to small cat doors. From manual to automatic and electronic, you can find doors with flexible flaps, panels, rigid flaps as well as tunnel doors if the size is not much of a concern. Small cat doors are often big enough to let through kittens as well as medium-sized adult cats in most cases since cats are quite fluffy.

Interior Cat Doors

Cat doors that allow your kitty to move from one room to another are known as interior cat doors. These are generally installed on doors and screen separators. Interior cat doors include flexible flap doors which do not require any complicated installation or professional help and are installed in screens, rigid flap door that are installed in walls and room doors. We have chosen both small and large-sized interior cat doors as our top interior cat door recommendations that you can scan through to find an ideal one for your home.