Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Freeze-Dried Dog Food.

Dog food is available in different forms and in unique flavors too, but what has recently gained more attention is Freeze-dried food that has managed to grab the complete attention of pet owners. Feeding your furry friend freeze-dried food can be extremely beneficial for the health, as recommended by many nutritionists. So, let’s get to know what Freeze-dried food is, what is the process and what all benefits it has!

What Is Freeze-Dried Dog Food?

Unlike other food products that are canned and contain extremely fewer proteins, freeze-dried food proves to be beneficial that is sure to deliver excellent nutrition. This is one of the many reasons why freeze-dried dog food is gaining popularity and is dominating the market too. Who doesn’t want nutritional food for their pet that has a complete balance of all nutrition, protein, and vitamins? For that fact, freeze-dried foods prove to be excellent alternate; high-quality, beneficial proteins are often found in the food. Protein, that is present in chicken, turkey, or salmon proves to be essential for growth and helps with the maintenance of tissues in a dog’s body. To build stronger skin cells, muscles, ligaments, or cartilage, a protein-rich diet is always essential. In this case, Freeze-Dried Dog Food proves beneficial from all aspects.

Freeze Drying Process:

Freeze drying is a technique that helps to preserve the raw ingredients like fresh meat that makes a safe and nutritional finished food product for consumption by dogs. It is technically raw but is completely safe, full of nutrients, stable, and extremely lightweight. In comparison with the traditional kibbles that seems to be not the best choice every time.

The ingredients which are used for the manufacturing of kibbles are highly processed and that too using intense heat which ultimately affects the nutrient quality and also the flavor, thus offering no good to the dog’s body. To make kibbles more flavorsome, manufacturers tend to add additives and unnatural ingredients that may cause allergies and affect the dogs with sensitive digestion.

Thus, more harm than good. It is always recommended to check for the nutrient value before feeding the same to your dog.

To be precise and getting a bit deeper into the process of making the food freeze dried; it can be considered as a different yet special form of drying that helps to remove all the moisture, basically at a very low temperature. Freeze-drying is a special form of drying that removes moisture at low temperatures. In freeze-drying, raw ingredients are initially frozen and then placed in a strong vacuum, which helps to convert water that is present in the food into vapor.

Adding Freeze-Dried Food to Your Dog’s Meal:

Many of the dogs find it extremely easy to switch from regular food to freeze-dried food but it has also been seen that many of the dogs find it difficult to handle the abrupt change. Many food-related disorders or digestive disorders are experienced in dogs, like vomiting, constipation, or even diarrhea. If these symptoms are experienced, then do not continue and find the right balanced diet food.

So, it is always recommended to replace the food gradually. As a pet owner, start by replacing half of the meal with the freeze-dried food and then gradually replacing the complete meal with the same. Freeze-dried food for your dog is available in different forms that include food toppers, dinner parties, or bite-sized nibbles as well. This can be used as your dog’s full meal or can easily be sprinkled over the regular meal or another way to incorporate the same is by using it as a quick treat. This helps them to get familiar with the taste too.


There are numerous benefits of freeze-dried food and some of these are mentioned below:

  • Convenience: As compared to the dry food for dogs, when it comes to freeze-dried food, it is much convenient for pet owners to feed freeze-dried food. The longer shelf life of the freeze-dried food makes it much easier to eve carry anywhere easily and doesn’t require a freezer to store it. You simply need to scoop up and serve the food to your furry friend. Thus, it a much easier option to carry a small bag of freeze-dried raw food on the go. A better option than frozen food. It is lightweight also, so no need to bear the baggage while on the go.
  • Fast and Simple Alternative: Due to the longer shelf life of the freeze-dried food, and the ease of convenience this becomes a much easier way and an alternative for those pet owners who wish to feed their dogs a raw diet and full of nutrients. The freeze-dried food is much faster and simpler to serve. Thus, a completely balanced diet on the go.
  • Excellent Nutrition: There are several food products available in the market and when it comes to freeze-dried dry food for dogs, the food is full of nutrients, minerals that are excellent for the dog. The freeze-dried food offers complete nutrition other than packed frozen food.
  • Nutrients Are Not Damaged: Even after freeze-drying, the nutrients are not damaged and the freeze-dried meats always retain the proteins, nutrients, and amino acids. Apart from this, there are fats, enzymes, and probiotics that are also retained in freeze-dried food and helps to improve the dog’s health. The only thing that should be noted is that vitamin C is depleted while freeze-drying, but should not be the thing that pet owners should be worried about. Since it has been seen that dogs produce their own vitamin C in case they are malnourished or stressed, which can be noticed in case of bleeding gums, joint pain, or diarrhea. So, it is much better to add vitamin c supplements to the diet separately. The food-based supplements can easily be added to.
  • Source of Calcium: Freeze-dried food can also be a really good source of calcium and also other minerals too. Your dog’s bone density is equally important and thus freeze-dried dog foods that are of excellent quality uses bone in comparison to other food products where synthetic minerals are used.
  • Bacterial Contamination: The best thing about switching to freeze dried food is that there are extremely negligible chances of the formation of bacteria owing to the fact that the food undergoes the process of freezing. This process helps to remove all the moisture and leaves no room for the formation of bacteria.

Freeze-Dried Adult Dog Food

For adult dogs, the food requirement is extremely different, and thus the dried food is specifically made to suit the biological needs of your adult furry friend. With more meat and veggies, the food undergoes a freeze-drying process without having any additives or excessive cooking.

There are no preservatives used for the manufacturing of the food that helps to keep all the nutrients and the flavor of the ingredients used intact. Even after removing the traces of water, leaves the rich and nourishing freeze-dried food.

For Small Dogs

Considering the nutritional needs of your dog, when you start feeding your small furry friend, you should always ask your veterinarian to ensure the health remains perfect. Though metabolism rate is what matters the most, to what amount of food should be served for small dogs. Along with the metabolism, the activity level is another factor that should be considered. You can feed small dogs in extremely small portions with sufficient amount of water along.

Things to Look Out For

When you look for freeze-dried food for your dog then there are certain things that need to be kept in mind before you completely rely on the same. With the complete balance of nutrients and vitamins, there are many more things you don’t want to include in your dog’s diet. It should also be considered that there are no fillers, preservatives, or artificial colors used to make it tempting for dogs, rather it just makes it worst for the dogs.

  • Synthetic Minerals and Vitamins: When opting for freeze-dried foods, do not miss out on checking the ingredients used in the same. Through the process of freeze-drying, the food tends to retain the nutrients. So, make sure that the synthetic vitamins and minerals are not at all present in the food, this indicates the use of poor food quality ingredients used.
  • Added Taurine: There should not be added taurine on the list of ingredients owing to the fact that most of the meats have plenty of taurines and thus, there is no need for additional taurine. Taurine supplements should always be avoided.
  • High-Fat Content: There is different quality freeze-dried food available and every ingredient should be checked for. Some of the freeze-dried foods have extremely high-fat content, though it is good to some extent consumption of excessive fat can be also dangerous. The fat consumption should be limited to 10-20% only and not higher than that as fat content can dismantle the other vitamins and minerals, so it is highly recommended to keep your dog away from such food products.

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