Best Cat Houses

Cat in the house.

It’s a saying that cats do not belong to a place or a person. They come and go as they please and make a home in any place they seem to find the most comfortable. But that doesn’t stop cat parents from getting extravagant houses for their felines and making them feel like the queens and kings of the world if cats already do not feel that. Cathouse is something that will serve as the fortress of solitude of the kitty and it is no secret how much cats like their solitude. It helps your cat relax and enjoy its own company in silence and peace which is a that better for you. Since cats are sensitive to cold temperatures, it is that much better to get a heated house that would keep them comfy and warm. Playing and sleeping are pretty much all that a cat does and it is very probable that they would end up damaging the furniture in the process. So, in short, a cat house is going to be one of the best things to get for your kitty and let it live so happily that it deserves.

Type of Houses

It is common knowledge that to choose the right house or any other accessory for your cat is by knowing all that there is to know about the variants that are available in the market. There are several different types of cat houses that you can explore so that you can decide on a house that suits your kitty the best. We also have a list of our top recommendations that you can scout to find out some of the top suited variants before you start with the exploration. Following are all the different kinds of cat houses that you can choose from:


As evident by the name, a custom cat house is something that you can mold and bend according to your unique choices. The best part is that you do not have to worry about going through a lot of options when it comes to identifying a house that is perfectly in sync with the special and unique needs of your cat. Another thing is that you can add features that you will not find in other ready-to-use houses for example custom hanging toys, heating pads, extra beds, towers, and anything else that you may want. Custom houses basically have no limitations. From making it a safe for your kitty to making it a massive playground for your cat with porches, garages, barns, and whatnot. Check out some of your ideas to find the perfect add-ons to include in the custom cat house that you finally choose to have for your baby kitty.

Cat Climbing Houses

Cats love to climb on higher, elevated places and it is probably their most favorite thing to do apart from hitting you with their claw which makes a climbing cat house the perfect choice for your kitty. It is very important that you consider and observe the activity level and habits of your cat before you decide to invest in a climbing house for cats. It is important that your cat actually loves to climb and be a little more on the active side to enjoy climbing to the fullest.

As far as the features of a climbing cat house are concerned, most of them come with many towers, bridges, scratch posts, stairs, some hanging playthings, rooftops, and basically everything else that your cat can either play with or climb onto. Material is also an important thing to consider when you are thinking of investing in a climbing house for kitties. The house should be stable enough for cats to safely jump around without the house falling apart. It is best to get a house layered with several fabrics instead of just one so that they have a mix of everything in the house – a soft one life felt for sleeping and resting and something like jute to scratch and play with. We have a few recommendations of our own to help you with the decision-making process as well so, make sure that you check them out.

Cardboard House

Cats sleeping and lazing around in cardboard boxes is nothing new and all for a good reason too. Cats really enjoy their enclosed spaces and they would love nothing more than having one in the form of a house itself which is what makes cardboard cat houses so popular among cats and their owners. It is also a happy coincidence if you are going on a budget and want something a bit cheaper but equally effective as that of an insulated house. Cardboard houses work like igloos and retain body heat inside without letting it escape and hence keep them warm throughout the winters. This is probably one of the top reasons that cats like sitting in cardboard boxes so much. And to add more to the mix, the texture and smell of cardboard keep the cats stress-free and happy along with keeping them well-rested throughout the day. Just ensure that the cardboard house you choose for your kitty is strong and durable enough for it to be safe for the cat.

Felted Cat House.


If you are someone who takes interiors and the decoration of your home very seriously then a wicker cat house will be the perfect choice to get for your pet. The top-selling point of wicker houses apart from them being a cat’s favorite is the fact that they look extremely beautiful and chic which makes them a great choice to add a rustic element to your luxury household. Other qualities to look out for in a wicker cat is that they are extremely comfortable as well as strong and durable. And since they are made using natural wood, they also turn out to be environment friendly. The combination of strong, beautiful, and environment-friendly makes wicker beds an ideal choice for cat owners who are looking for a rustic, nice bed for kitties which is also not as expensive as many other available variants in the market than cat wicker houses are the best choice for them.

Felted Cat Houses

Felt is essentially wool fibers that are finely spun into the kind of fabric that we know of as felt. It is extremely soft and offers a wide range of advantages to the kitties. Needless to say, since felt is basically made of wool, it is highly warm and insulates body heat keeping cats cozy. Not to mention, cats have an unworldly attraction to wool, to be more precise, yarn balls. Another great thing about wool is that it is extremely good at wicking moisture. So, if your cat happens to wet the bed during the night, it will still stay dry and warm for a few hours before you have the time to attend to her needs. Wools can also be shaped easily which means that as soon as your cat falls asleep in the house, it will mold according to its desires and body shape making a comfortable bed in the process. Felt cat houses are easily one of the most comfortable houses that you can choose for your cat and if your sole reason to get a cat house is to offer yours a place to sleep and relax then felt cat houses are a great choice for you.


Exactly as the name suggests, this one cat house is made for many cats in one single body. There are dedicated compartments or rooms for each cat so that they have their own space and do not have to share it with their fellow cats. Multiple cat houses require to be extra strong and sturdy as they house many cats at once and this why you would find wood to be the most popular choice of material for these houses. Multiple cat houses are often made in many levels with a group of three or four stacked on top of others or lesser numbers depending on the number of spaces you are looking for.

Wooden Cat Houses

Inclined a little more towards the heavier side, wooden cat houses are certainly a sturdier option when compared to other options like cardboard cat houses. Cat wooden houses come in both indoor and outdoor options and can be kept in both places. The outdoor cat houses made with wood are coated with a protective layer that makes them water and weatherproof. While indoor wooden houses for cats generally do not have that coating. One thing common among all wooden houses is that they can be installed with heating units which keep the house warm in winters making them ideal for colder areas. Wooden cat houses are not as complicated as cardboard houses and only have basic features like a terrace, a porch, and a simple side staircase. Complicated features like towers and playthings are generally a part of these houses but can be added later on. Wooden houses can be customized as per the desires of the cat and the owners can be even be designed and stained to match the design and interiors of the house.

For Large Cats

Multiple layers and various complicated structures are some of the main attributes of these houses which makes them perfect for hyperactive cats. Large cat houses are generally a combination of cat houses and cat play towers and posts. From multiple structures to multiple levels, there are many things that you will find in a large cat house and there is nothing that you will not find in a large cat house. Depending on the lavishness that you desire, you can choose the facilities in a large cat house. Large cat houses are best suited for pet parents who have multiple cats in their house and they all get along. Or if you would like to have your cats spend a little more time in each other’s company then a large house is a great thing to get for your cats.

Small Cat House

Ideally suited for a single cat, small cat houses are made with materials like cardboard, felt, and even wood. Depending on your need of the hour, you can easily choose a small cat house. An advantage that you get in small cat houses is the fact that they are available in many designs and customization options as compared to the normal cat houses. Features like terraces, insulation, and toys are generally found in small cat houses. They can be easily put in any corner of the house, whether inside or outside. We have a small list of our own that can be used to choose a house of your own.

Weatherproof and Waterproof

These cat houses are also known as outdoor cat houses and are made keeping in mind that they will stand all tests put forth by time and harsh weather conditions as they are generally placed outside the house. Added insulation units make these houses weatherproof for winters while the many windows would make summer easy with proper ventilation. Outdoor cat houses are generally made with wood which is coated with a waterproof coating that keeps the wood free from water damage. The coating can differ depending on brands and manufacturers though. Wood and metal cat houses are the top choices when it comes to outdoor, weather, and waterproof cat houses since other variants like cardboard and felt cat houses would not sit well with the purpose.

Wooden House for Cat.

Feral Cat Houses

A feral cat is a domestic cat but it still prefers to live outside instead of inside homes with humans. It would rather human contact and keep to themselves. if you are trying to find a house for a feral cat then it is best to choose an outdoor cat house that is weather and waterproof. An ideal feral cat house can be a simple shelter that contains enough to keep the cat warm and cozy in winters. Feral cats do not generally need luxurious elements and play posts in their house since they can roam around and enjoy themselves outside.


Any cat house that you can find, regardless of material shape, size and features can be an indoor cat house. The options are limitless since indoor houses can be made with fragile material like felt and cardboard and do not have to water or weatherproof. The styling options also increases when indoor cat houses are concerned.

Heated Cat Houses

Insulated or heated cat houses come with a heating pad that keeps them warm during colder days making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor cat houses. The heating pad installed in these houses is generally powered by electricity which means that you will have to place the house either near a power outlet or find a way to extend the power line to its position. Either way, heated cat houses are a dream come true since cats are very sensitive to cold temperatures and appreciate a warm house a lot. Shape and size is never a concern when it comes to a heated cat house since you can find a variant either way. Small cat houses often come with a simple heated bed since the house is used only for sleeping and relaxing while large ones are ones that are warmed up completely from top to bottom since there is a lot of playtimes involved around these houses and multiple cats reside in them as well.

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