Best Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

Automatic Cat Litter Box.

The joy and happiness cannot be expressed in words when you finally decide to have a feline companion, it is truly a wonderful and heartwarming experience to have a cat at home. Amidst all, cats are known for their goofy, affectionate, and mysterious nature, and not to forget the cuddles. But keeping all those wonderful experiences with your kitten or your adult cat aside, cleaning up the litter boxes has always been a task for pet owners. You cannot ignore it or leave it unattended since it can be extremely unhealthy. But with the technology taking over today’s world, there are automatic litter boxes available that can be saviors for pet owners!

What are Automatic Litter Boxes?

Just as how wonderful and relaxing is to play with kittens and spend time with your cat is, cleaning up the litter boxes is equally tedious, and handling this unpleasant chore is something that you would surely want to get rid of. But making it much convenient and easier for the pet owners, cleaning the litter boxes has now become extremely easy and convenient too. Just as how technology is growing up too fast, there are Automatic self-cleaning litter boxes available in the market that are a perfect combination of style and high-tech solution, and helps to eliminate the need to scoop up every day. A self-cleaning litter box does the job for you and makes your life much easier!

So, no more feeling tired of wiping off the litter boxes of your cat. It is not only about keeping the cat’s litter box clean but maintain good hygiene too. Sometimes pet owners don’t have the time to clean up the boxes and there, automatic litter boxes come to the rescue. Automatic litter boxes are worth trying and investing money into. It is seen that the more frequently the litter box is cleaner, the happier the pet and the pet owner are! With the automatic boxes, it becomes much convenient for pet parents to get rid of the tiresome job. Moreover, apart from this, your kitty or even your adult cat will be happier using a waste-free toilet without messing up around. So, a win-win situation for the pet parents and your furry friend.

How do they Work?

It is one of the easiest to use and most convenient ways of keeping away from scooping tasks from litter boxes. The automatic self-cleaning litter boxes are specifically manufactured using the latest technology sensors that are designed to detect when the box is used and when the cat has left. It is only after few minutes after leaving the box that the automatic cleaning starts; the cleaning cycle begins just after that with the help of sensors.

The mechanism starts by collecting the solid litter or any clumps that are left by the cat and then the same is deposited into the receptacle which then quickly closes and collects all the odors and clumps and doesn’t let the foul smell escape from anywhere. Self-cleaning litter boxes are specifically designed with electric motors that help to activate the cleaning cycle and the other mechanism.

There are different automatic litter boxes available that work differently; some of them are designed in a way that rotates to sift out clumps and then efficiently scoops the litter into the receptacle. Many of the self-cleaning litter boxes are designed with special granules that are specifically washed in reliable sanitizing solution and works efficiently after the waste is automatically scooped in the receptacle or bin.

How to Use

  • When using the self-cleaning litter boxes for your cats or even your kitty, it is always recommended to empty the waste receptacle properly and that too regularly.
  • It is advised to occasionally clean and also maintain other parts of the litter box cleaning mechanism.
  • In case you have recently purchased the box and want your cat to get familiar with the self-cleaning box then, keep a small amount of your feline’s waste (taken from the existing box), into the new self-cleaning litter box that helps them identify the litter box and helps them make use of it next time.
  • Initially, it can be a task to let your cat enter the litter box, so for a few days make sure that you manually scoop the litter and also leave the power disconnected, until your cat uses it regularly. You can simply connect to the power when your cat becomes comfortable.
  • Ensure that the automatic litter box you select is appropriate and works perfectly for your cat. There are cat boxes available well-suited for adult cats and not for kittens. So, wait until your cat is a year old to let her understand and use the litter box properly.

Auto-Cleaning Litter Boxes

There are varied different types of litter boxes available in the market, depending upon the mechanism of the automatic litter boxes there could be self-cleaning litter boxes with self-flushing, rotating mechanism, scooping rake, or conveyor. The mechanism applied is to simply scoop, collect and then hold the waste.

With Rake

These automatic litter cleaning devices look almost similar to the regular litter boxes used for cats but with time and the incorporation of technology, these litter boxes are specifically designed with a built-in automatic rake that helps to collect the waste and clumps followed by depositing the same in the waste compartment, which is specifically located in the front of the litter box. These automatic cleaning boxes with rake might be suitable for most of the small cats but seems inappropriate for the adult or large cats weighing over 14-15 lbs. The area seems to be small for adult cats. The automatic cleaning litter boxes with rake mechanism for collecting the clumps are further divided into two:

Pushing the Clumps

The self-cleaning litter boxes for cats with the rake mechanism helps to sweep and push the clumps or waste into a dedicated waste compartment, which is present on the end of the self-cleaning box. The rake is designed in a way that efficiently pushes the clump into a dedicated waste receptacle. In many of the devices, the manufacturers offer crystals that are safe for pets and also make it much easier for the rake to push the waste through. It completely disposes of the waste and pushes through the compartment that opens up to receive the clumps. This way the clumps are easily stored in the compartment and the rake goes back to the original position; the compartment is closed thereafter.

Lifting the Clumps

This mechanism in which rake is specifically designed in a way that it lifts the waste/clumps and deposits the same in a compartment, which is located at the end of the cat litter box. As and when the clumps are lifted by the rake and reach closer to the compartment, it will easily dump the waste into it. Another thing that needs to be noted is that sometimes, the rakes get dirty, and then they get stuck during the cleaning process too. Apart from this, the rake can also leave some clumps in the corner or at the bottom. While the main concern can be of space, it is ideal for small cats and kittens but not for adult cats.

In the rake scooping system, both of these works exactly in a similar way but the only difference is of pushing the clumps and lifting the clumps. In one the rake pushes the waste to dump it and in the other one, it lifts and drops it in the dedicated compartment. But there can be drawbacks to using the same, if the litter or the clumps are too heavy, then there can be an interruption between the mechanism. The rake might not be able to push or lift the clumps with that much efficiency. Thus, it needs to be checked before buying. Only a very specific type of litter can be pushed or lifted by the rake.

Automatic Cleaning Litter Box with Rotating Mechanism

When it comes to automatic cleaning litter boxes, another range is available with a rotating mechanism. This mechanism with integrated sifter and waste drawer is specifically designed in a way that the cleaning process starts with a rotating mechanism and the tilting movement is initiated as soon as the cat has used the litter box.

As soon as the cat leaves the box, the sensors indicate to start the cleaning process. The rotator holds up the clamps and waste and thereafter it starts rotating, which lets the clamp drop into the waste compartment, which is mostly located at the bottom. The content in the drawer can be disposed of easily. These automatic litter cleaning boxes are motorized and efficiently connected to the mains too. The waste drawer needs to be completely cleaned and maintained at regular intervals to ensure cleanliness.

Motors and Sensors: Is it Safe for Cats?

As soon as you decide to switch to using an automatic litter cleaning box for your cat, you might be anxious about the sensors and the motors that are used in the cleaning devices. But, the incorporation of the latest technology, it has made possible to create a safe device that can be used by cats.

You need to read the instructions carefully when you buy the automatic cleaning litter box. The sensors used in the litter boxes are designed to detect the movement of cats when the cat has entered and left the litter box. Most of the litter cleaning boxes are pre-programmed to work only after 10-20 minutes after the cat has left.

You need not worry about the sensors or the motors starting abruptly, most of the models do have the fail-safe mechanism, which works efficiently and in case the cat comes back again in few minutes.

With Conveyor

Amidst many other litter cat boxes, another addition is the automatic cat litter conveyor box that is specifically designed with the sturdy conveyor. These are the automatic litter boxes that have a conveyor and work magnificently well as an escalator that helps to carry the clumps and waste to easily dump into the dedicated receptacle or waste compartment/chamber.

The mechanism works in a way that the pan rotates at a very slow speed, which allows the clumps to easily touch the conveyor, and with a constant back and forth push, the waste is disposed of in the dedicated compartment. The compartment is located right near the conveyor belt.

Automatic Self-Flushing Cat Litter Box

There is another range of automatic cat litter box that makes use of the self-flushing mechanism that is fully automated and works efficiently to collect the waste and dispose of it too. In these self-flushing models, there is an integrated metal arm that is sturdy enough to collect the clamps or the waste by flushing efficiently and quickly, followed by depositing the waste into a dedicated receptacle or chamber followed by going through a further water rinse cycle that cleanses the space thoroughly, making it completely safe for your cat to use it again.

Things to Look Out for When Buying

Different factors should be considered when buying an automatic cat litter box. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Waste Bin: The most important thing when buying the litter boxes is to check for the waste compartment, where is it located and how convenient is it to remove when there is a need to clean and dispose of the waste. The waste bin should not be small or too large, it should be optimally sized as per the requirement, as it will be often emptied and cleaned. The position of the bin also matters, so keep a check to where the waste bin is located; it should not be too hard to reach and remove, rather it should be lightweight, and easily accessible.
  • Litter Type: Many of the automatic litter boxes are manufactured to work efficiently with only specific kinds of litter. If you have adult cats or kittens, then the requirements will be different. Select the model that is spacious and wide enough for your adult cat and a smaller one for small cats.
  • Scooping Time: Another most important factor that needs to be considered when buying the automatic litter boxes and it is the scooping type. Most of the models have sensors and metal arms that help in detecting the movements of the cat and scoop the waste efficiently. From detecting the cat’s movement to the cleaning cycle, time should be considered an important aspect in automatic litter boxes.

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