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Why Are My Cat’s Ears Warm?

Why are my cats ears warm.

Warmth is usually a comforting feeling. From cozy duvets to a warm sunny day, this temperature leaves us feeling happy and relaxed. But, noticing your cat’s ears warm, you may be slightly worried. What does this mean? Is this a symptom of an illness? Are they okay?

While many owners go into a panic, there usually isn’t anything to worry about! Unless your precious fur baby is exhibiting other symptoms of illness or acting strange, they’re probably okay.

However, if you’re still wondering, “Why are my cat’s ears warm?” keep reading. We've researched why this phenomenon occurs and what it really means. If you want to find out more, scroll down to explore the reasons why your pet has warm ears.

The Temperature Is Warm

Did you know the temperature can make cat’s ears warm? Just like humans, cats can become affected by the sun. This doesn’t mean your pet is experiencing sunburn, it just means they feel the heat. When it gets warm, their blood vessels increase the flow of blood and dilate. This can result in cats’ ears pink and warm, just like how our skin can appear pinker and warmer too. If you notice that your cat's ears are hot on a sunny day, this is probably nothing to worry about.

2 cats sleeping with warm ears.

Do Hot Ears Signal Ear Problems?

If you’re asking, “Why are my cat’s ears warm?”, you might also be wondering if this symptom is caused by internal ear issues or an underlying ear problem. If your cat is experiencing an ear issue or hearing problems, there are usually more telling symptoms than warm ears. A warm ear could point to an ear infection, this is common if the ears are the only area of the animal that’s warm. However, ear infections are usually accompanied by inflammation and your cat will likely keep pawing their ear too. If you suspect this is the case, make sure you schedule your cat in with the vet to pick up some routine medicine to remove the infection.

Are Warm Ears A Symptom Of A Fever?

It’s common for concerned owners to get worried when they notice their cat's ears warm. Instead of running into a panic and Googling “cat fever symptoms hot ears”, take a step back and assess the situation. If you worried your cat is ill with a fever, consider if the hot ears could be cause by any of these symptoms first:

  • It’s a hot day
  • Your cat has been resting against a heater
  • Your cat has just woken up from a nap in a warm room or bed

When a cat has a fever, their temperature is usually at least 39.7 degrees C or above. Even in this case, the fever isn’t usually a major cause of concern. This is because cats can experience a slight temperature increase when they're fighting bacteria or viruses. Their raised body heat is an indicator of their immune system working - just like how ours reacts too. If your cat has a slight fever that’s non-threatening, they’ll usually find a cool place to rest. This will help them heal and sleep while their body fights off the minor illness. You can also check your cats under arms, or even stomach area, as these points will also be warm if they’re ill.

You should reach out to a professional vet if your cat has been experiencing a fever for two days, or if the heat is radiating across their whole body. It’s also important to contact a vet if your cat isn’t eating or able to perform daily routines such as going to the toilet.

Cat with warm ears.


While many cat’s ears are warm, it’s always good to be conscious of your cat's health. Make sure you’re constantly keeping an eye on them so you can see if any other symptoms develop. Usually, the answer to “why are my cat’s ears warm?” is harmless and they’re not ill at all, so rest assured that your baby is probably okay.

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